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About Us

Ali & Sarah are your friendly bar crawl guides. The EnergyBarCrawl was Ali's brainchild, and Sarah's strong desire for this tool helped make that dream a reality.

We met at a corporate health fair in November of 2013 where they both had booths set up to promote nutritious snacking and balanced eating. Ali lost her phone, Sarah helped her find it, and they've been good friends and co-collaborators in the food world ever since! 

Ali Cherry's day job is at a digital health startup on a mission to make mental health accessible. Combining experience at Weight Watchers, running a healthy snack company and social cause advocacy consulting, Ali is championing practical behavior change and that's where EBC comes in. Plus, she has a healthy name, so she always has to do something with food.

Sarah Waybright is a Registered Dietitian and founder of the brand WhyFoodWorks. She is a health coach for Wellness Corporate Solutions, teaches nutrition through seminars and private events in and around Washington, DC, and works on Potomac Vegetable Farms a few days a week to learn more about how to grow excellent food.  Her favorite forms of exercise are hiking, yoga, & PopSugarFitness YouTube workouts, and her hobby of choice is pottery. You can find her on FacebookTwitterPinterest, or Instagram to get food tips and nutrition information and healthy recipes.

Thanks for stopping by to learn more. Enjoy the site!