Energy Bar Crawl

Objective Search, Opinionated Palate

High protein, Low sugar

When we submitted an informal poll to our Instagram followers last year, the overwhelming majority were looking for bars that had a good amount of protein and not too much sugar.  This makes sense - protein keeps you satisfied for longer, digests more slowly, and provides the building blocks for many of our body's structures, while too much sugar can have negative effects like headaches and energy crashes (not to mention being bad for other aspects of health!).  We chose to define "lots of protein" as anything with 10+ grams, and low sugar as <10 grams.  That's a good balance for a snack!  But, if you want to tweak those levels even more, just click "Advanced Search by Nutrition" under the rest of the criteria selections, and see what you can find that suits.

The bars in this crawl not only deliver on protein/sugar ratio, but also (very importantly) taste good.  Taste is subjective, it's true - so if you have a fav bar that isn't on this list, shoot us a message and let us know!