Energy Bar Crawl

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Cookie-like bars

Bars you eat as a snack should be nutritious AND we've highlighted some here that remind us of cookies you may be tempted to eat, but know you shouldn't have every day. 

If you love a crisp wafer, try Powercrunch bars.  Need that Thin Mint fix?  KIND's dark chocolate almond mint strikes the perfect flavor notes but has 5g of protein and just 5g of sugar (compared to the Girl Scout's <1g, and 10g levels, respectively).  Cookies & cream can also be found in a bar - try Clif's Builder's bar with that name!  If you're a fan of the coconut macaroon style of cookie, try Luna's chocolate covered version.  And Larabar makes a 2-ingredient bar that mimics a soft, peanut butter cookie pretty darn well.

Are there any you think we should add to this crawl?  What bars have you eaten and thought, "this tastes just like that cookie..?"